Terms of Use

NCC Apparel Pty Ltd has no control over the end use of any of the products we provide. The performance of all products offered in our ranges is independently tested for conformance in accordance to Australian and New Zealand standards. Garments however can diminish over time through general soiling, UV exposure, and failure to adhere to the specified care instructions as attached to all garments.

Customers should implement their own independent testing by a qualified authority to determine that their selected garment is suitable according to the intended end use. Measurements and colours are indicative and provided as a guide only.

NCC Apparel Pty Ltd has made every endeavor to ensure accuracy at time of printing however, in the pursuit of continuous improvement, changes will be made from time to time without prior notice.

NCC Apparel’s liability in respect of the goods is expressly excluded and/or limited to the fullest extent permitted by law. NCC Apparel will not be liable for any loss of profits or consequential damages.