About Medi8


Protective workwear not only needs to be effective and efficient but now also needs to be fashionable. What was once viewed as a cost burden is now seen as a worthwhile investment in employee safety, staff morale, and a reduction in corporate health insurance premium.

Our Medi 8 stock-serviced range of re-usable environmentally-friendly garments for patients, doctors and nurses have been carefully designed in fabrics that are most suitable for medical wear while assisting in a more sustainable future.

Today’s Healthcare worker is exposed to a growing number of increasingly dangerous pathogens on a daily basis.

Reusable surgical gowns are experiencing phenomenal growth worldwide, reducing Land Fill and not compromising in reliability and wearer comfort.

Apart from absolute reliability and comfort characteristics, the improved bioclimatic and physiological properties are also of increasing demands such as durability, breathability & thermoregulatory characteristics. Keeping this in mind, we have designed and developed our range of re-usable medical garments which provide a feeling of confidence and great appearance to both medical workers and patients alike.

Our two-piece Medical Scrubs are the uniform of choice for doctors, nurses and others who work in hospitals, medical centres and nursing homes around the country.

All our medical garments are suitable for industrial wash.

Our helpful sales team is only a phone call away.